KittyBiome: Gut Restore Supplement (30 capsules)

Fecal Transplant Capsules

KittyBiome: Gut Restore supplement is a unique fecal microbiota transplant capsule that helps restore pet health and relieve digestive, skin and immunity issues.

KittyBiome Benefits:

  • Science-backed
  • Restores digestive health
  • Supports solid stools
  • Promotes healthy skin/coat 
  • Gentle and fast-acting
  • Convenient capsules
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KittyBiome: Gut Restore Supplement (30 capsules)
Your purchase supports research to develop innovative, science-backed treatments for the millions of pets suffering from digestive disorders. Thanks for advancing animal health.

A remedy designed for cats with digestive issues. More powerful than current probiotics and prescription diets, because it is sourced directly from healthy cats.

  • Supplement for Cat Diarrhea, Vomiting, and Constipation, and more!
    • Supports solidly-formed bowel movements
    • Gentle and fast-acting
    • Helps maintain normal stools
    • Soothes the intestinal tract
  • Convenient capsules created from healthy cat poop as an alternative to the surgical fecal microbiota transplant (FMT), which is effective but more invasive. Click here to learn more about the latest FMT research.
  • Contains 30 oral capsules for microbiome enrichment. Click here to learn more about our FMT Capsules.
  • Our small capsules (size 4) work well for most cats. 

The science behind AnimalBiome is pretty amazing, and with millions of bacteria being analyzed, there’s a lot of information – if you want to learn more:

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Might work well for most but no difference with our cat

I don't have any qualms with the Animal Biome - I'm assume it works well for most cats but we didn't see any difference with our cat. He's still not well, even after multiple vet visits and blood tests and this Animal Biome - he's still the same. I wish this did the trick to make him better.

Kitty Biome

My cat's chronic diahrrea was a bit improved and he seemed more full of pep after a month on the supplement.

Highly recommend for chronic diarrhea

Beyond impressed with this product and the customer support. Used it for my kitten who has had chronic diarrhea since we got her. I am a veterinarian and tried just about everything else, tested for everything else I could before coming across Animal Biome. The Gut Restoration Supplement improved her stools within about a week. I fully intend to implement this with my patients that I feel would benefit from the oral fecal transplant. Thanks so much!


it has really resolved my beloved kitty's longstanding diarrhea

I Believe in the Science Behind this Product

I have only been administering this supplement to my FIV-positive kitty for a short time due to his need to have oral surgery; however, I had researched fecal transplant and was thrilled that this product was available. I haven't used this product long enough to actually see benefits but I know this approach will yield unparalleled benefits for healing. Immunity and health are all about the gut!