DoggyBiome: Gut Health Test (Two Tests)

Gut Health Microbiome

Your dog’s symptoms (diarrhea, skin, weight, and immunity issues) may be related to a digestive imbalance. The DoggyBiome Gut Health Test includes everything you need to collect a stool sample from your dog, and send it back to us for assessment. After we process the sample, you will receive results (via email and online) to understand, and if necessary, help restore your dog's microbiome.

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DoggyBiome: Gut Health Test (Two Tests)
Your purchase supports research to develop innovative, science-backed treatments for the millions of pets suffering from digestive disorders. Thanks for advancing animal health.

Two Gut Microbiome Tests 

The DoggyBiome Gut Health Test contains everything you need, including step-by-step instructions, to take a sample of your pet’s stool and mail it back to our laboratory for analysis. Choose either (i) two tests for two different dogs or (ii) two tests for one dog (before and after)

  1. Two collection tubes for each test (one is a backup)
  2. Sterile cotton swabs to sample your pet’s fecal matter (pea-sized sample)
  3. Gloves
  4. Step-by-step instructions
  5. A small plastic bag for enclosing the collection tube
  6. A padded mailer (pre-addressed) to return your collection tube to the AnimalBiome laboratory (prepaid shipping within the US)

Microbiome Testing and Gut Restoration Process

Our Microbiome Test and Supplements work individually, and together, to help improve your pet’s gut and overall health. 

1. COLLECT: Order a Microbiome Test Kit, collect a small stool sample from your pet, and mail the sample back to us (prepaid envelope).

2. ANALYZE & REPORT: We extract and sequence DNA from the sample to identify your pet’s gut bacteria. You receive a report (in 2-4 weeks) via email AND can go online to explore and understand your pet’s results.

3. RESTORE: Use our Microbiome Supplement to replace and rebalance bacteria that are missing, and rebalance pet gut health.

4. REASSESS: Retest your pet at the end of each supplement cycle, or if symptoms recur. Compare test results through the online Pet Portal

Supplements may be an ongoing part of your pet’s care, or when medication, diet, illness, age or environment cause troublesome digestive and immunity symptoms.

The science behind AnimalBiome is pretty amazing, and with millions of bacteria being analyzed, there’s a lot of information – if you want to learn more:

Customer Reviews

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DoggyBiome: Gut Health Test

Highly recommend!

The results were very insightful and I’m grateful for the phone chat explaining how I can apply what I learned to help my dog become healthier. I’ve since bought this for my cat as well and was very impressed. Thanks!

Test outperformed my veterinarians

I ordered the animal biome test after my sweet greyhound became deathly ill. He had been having difficulty swallowing food, and after having him see 3 “greyhound savvy” vets he was left malnourished, skeleton thin, and barely able to walk. We were told he probably had Myasthenia Gravis. I insisted that he was having tooth and back trouble, and gut issues from being given an antibiotic. Their recommendations were more antibiotics, an anti fungal, and expensive testing for neurological disease. The Animal Biome test revealed that the antibiotic had killed off all of his beneficial bacteria leaving him with a raging shigella infection. About the same time he developed an abscess from a back molar. The fecal transfer and some homeopathy put everything right in short order and he is now healthy and happy and running again.

Customer Service

I had to call customer service to get extra help because my puppy has some special needs. We scheduled a call with someone to help. It was so nice to have someone talk through my concerns and help come up with a plan specifically for her.

Every part of the experience was easy

Very responsive with my questions, results came very easy to read