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Quality Product & Team

This product has been instrumental in providing a clear, consideration, report on the status/level of my pup’s bacteria related stomach issues. Simple to use and submit backed by an outstanding AnimalBiome team that go above and beyond in their support and guidance in supporting my efforts to improve my pup’s stomach bacteria problems.

Excellent Product

Product has been instrumental in assisting in maintaining consistent bowel movements for my pup who suffers from both IBD and stomach bacteria issues. In addition, in the last 6 months she has had to have 3 surgeries performed (cataract (2) and TPLO). All surgeries resulted in a multitude of pain medications as well as antibiotics. This product again assisted in allowing her to maintain regular and consistent bowel movements while taking these medications along with her aforementioned IBD and stomach issues. Excellent quality product all should consider using.


The Gut Biome test is very comprehensive and really impressive!

My dog showed some high bad bacteria, and low good bacteria. She had intermittent vomiting and rare occasional bloody diarrhea, along with bad breath, low energy, frequent nausea and poor appetite. The first round of Gut Restore pills did improve her health, along with a change of diet, and supplements.

The second Gut Health test shows improvement, and she's no longer having any problems with vomiting, nausea or diarrhea.
One of the "bad" bacteria is no longer a problem. One is much lower.

Along with the Gut Restore pills, I can not overstate how helpful and knowledgeable the Animal Biome team is!

The consult after the test with a team member is extremely helpful, concise, and they have answered every single question I have had, with a very quick response via e-mail. Two of the supplements they recommended were very effective in helping my dog.

I'll give her another round of the Gut Restore pills, and then test again, but we are making very steady noticeable improvement.

After almost a year of tearing my hair out trying to figure out what to do to help my dog, she is now full of energy, has an extremely good appetite, and her bowel movements are perfect.

I rarely post a review on anything - but Animal Biome really deserves it! Thank you!


My dog used to eat my other dogs poop. My other dog passed away. My dog started having inflammed skin, lethargy, paw chewing, couldn't walk well and a fever with no infection. Elevated protein level meant chronic inflammation. Changed dog food several times, put on a probiotic.
Nothing worked.
Then I tried this. It's been the answer! I now have a dog with no red skin, no chewing his paws and is playful.
So thankful I found this product!

Helped my Bulldog!!

This product was recommended by Animal Biome when my dog had severe diarrhea and was on antibiotics for a parasite. This product is amazing when the dog is on an antibiotic and helped her get through until I started her on Gut Restore. I am planning to continue to give this to her everyday.

So far we've had great success

This product has worked better than any other for the management of diarrhea. I've used it on several different dogs with the same outcome each time. Diarrhea resolves and firm stools return. I will always keep a reserve supply on hand.

Eureka !!!

All of a sudden my cat acquired severe diarrhea and my Vet had no solutions except antibiotics which had no effect. So I gave AnimalBiome a chance. After getting results from microbiome testing I followed the protocol recommended. This included Gut Restore Supplement and the Gut Maintenance Supplement. This took about 2 months to complete but it finally worked. I highly recommend these supplements they saved my Cats life.

Blood and mucous in Feces - Solved

I have used this product for a couple 30 day periods when my Cocker Spaniel had blood and mucous in his stools. Quite alarming since I had pretty much locked down his diet. His diet - each as a separate course Boiled chicken thighs and rice, raw pumpkin, A Pup Above chicken (100% HUMAN GRADE FOOD SOURCE HUMAN GRADE NON-GMO PRODUCE AND MEAT WITHOUT STEROIDS, ANTIBIOTICS AND HORMONES.) Merrick Limited ingredient Salmon and Brown rice (Purina fortiflora probiotic , and finish with boiled chicken thigh water. He loves his diet, even the dried Kibble. When the blood appeared again (dried and fresh - upper and lower GI), he started a course of Gut restore. I found it was just barely controlling the issue, so I began eliminating courses - starting with the kibble. When that didn't resolve it, I cut the Pup Above loaf. Cutting the loaf solved the issue. Seems that they have changed the recipe and the more recent bags were more green. They have added bone broth. I am completely for this company - very progressive in their product offering. That said, my dog has perfect poop and I won't be changing his diet anymore. I want to thank Animal Biome for the Gut Restore product as it is needed when things turn south. That said, at $125 for 30 tabs, you can only use this for a time to get the gut back in shape - which it does extremely well. We owners have to figure out the dog's diet as Animal Biome is a temporary solution, but the right diet is the ultimate healer. Thanks Animal Biome


Our 15-year-old rescue dog began to have stomach problems in December and after many tests and $1200 to our vet he was no better. He had diarrhea 3-4 times per day and no antibiotics, steroids, or anything helped. He lost 25% of his body weight in the first 6 weeks. At the recommendation of a friend, we tried DoggyBiome and in a week we could see an improvement. We stayed with the 30day regiment and today he is back to his old self. This medication literally saved our dog's life. Thank you DoggyBiome!

Wonderful Product

My Rottweiler was having horribly bouts with diarrhea. The vet put her on antibiotics and it would clear up for a few weeks and then came back. I did not want her going on antibiotics anymore so we ran test and put her on the gut maintenance plus and she has not had anymore issues. This product is wonderful.


Our cat has just begun his treatment after the test results and I see positive results. His breath and stool are not odorous. I look forward to his having a healthy gut biome.

Worked Wonders For My Pup

My poor pup has been on several rounds of antibiotics and had was diagnosed with IBS about two years ago (no diarrhea - more constipated than anything) - He is only 3 yrs old! He has been on many different antibiotics and foods that he wouldn't eat and the Internal medicine vet has had him on a daily dose of a compounded steroid and cerenia for nausea. His hair was getting thin and i was so frustrated - so I did some research and found the Doggy Biome and this wonderful company. After a poop analysis and 60 days on the Gut Restore, he is a new dude!! He is running and playing and being obnoxious like his brother. I have been able to cut back his steroid and the cerenia by half and hoping that we can get him completely off his meds. Nothing the vet tried has worked - this stuff really works - we have made no other changes and I love that he seems much happier, has more complete poops!!! thank you!

A solution that worked

We tried everything for our 4 year old Golden Retriever and this was the only thing that fixed his GI issues. We are so grateful we found it!

Took a Chance and was Rewarded

My dog Eddie had chronically loose stools with intermittent bouts of diarrhea. After consulting with 2 vets, a specialist and a nutritionist I found Animal Biome. All of it made sense with what I had observed with Eddie (he was diagnosed earlier with C Diff) so I decided to shelve the plans for biopsies and endoscopes and start Ed on Gut Restore.

We are planning on sending in our third test next month. There were major improvements to his biome in the first round of Gut Restore but it wasn't perfect, so we continued 3 months. His poops are so normal now I can barely remember how bad things had gotten. Ed is now on Gut Maintenance and has not lost any of his poop quality.

Gut restore is a great, great place to start if you are dealing with intractable stool issues that vets are just not solving. It is a very reasonable price compared with tests run through vet offices and is really simple (and non-invasive!). I can only hop[e that everyone who is faced with this issue can benefit as much as Eddie has since December 2021.

Worked twice

Twice the supplements very successfully restored my dog's functioning after taking antibiotics.

The solution to a healthy dog’s gut!

I have tried EVERYTHING to clear up my blue pitbull’s skin and nothing has worked until now. This is exactly what her gut needed and it has made her coat shine like never before. We are thrilled. I’m excited to see how long it takes for it to seed and she naturally produces the healthy bacteria.

Fixed my cat’s *ss!

My 7 year old cat Daisy struggled with chronic IBD for 3 years and I struggled cleaning up after her. She had bloody, mucous puddle poos and seemed miserable. I tried HP pet food, she is on Prednilosone (still is), at my wits end, bought this and it shipped to Canada. Not cheap, but haven’t seen a flare up in 3 1/2 months. She would flare twice a month or more usually. Perfect stinky poos now. It’s like she is proud of them as she exits the litter box. Happy cat and happy me. This stuff made a world of difference. Thank you for making this product! My question is will she need a repeat or is this a forever fix?

Dysbiosis index decreased

Happy to report that our dog is improving after 2 mos on this supplement. Plan to continue until resolved completely.

DoggyBiome™ Gut Restore Supplement

Loves these chews

Our girl loves these and I know she’s getting a healthy supplement. She was having issues with constipation since she’s 13. These seem to be helping with that! Thank you for a great product!! 🐾❤️

AnimalBiome Gut Maintenance Plus™

Amazing product

My dog bass severe allergies and I’ve tried everything to try to help her. This is the first time anything has worked. It’s like a miracle to me. We are grateful for this company and the individual attention I was given to help my dog. Thank you so much!

Very Detailed

The report was very detailed and explained everything! Highly recommend!

Saved My Dog

Our little terrier mix Pupusa has Irritable Bowel/Pancreatitis which is a chronic condition. She used to have frightening and regular emergency visits to the vet. Since we started Animal Biome a few years ago, that never happens anymore... She is also on a few other meds, but when we started AB was when she stopped having emergencies, and I feel that Animal Biome is the cornerstone of her wellness! I'm a big fan because this product SAVED MY DOG. I use it periodically with my other pets, for example, if they've had to go through a course of antibiotics.

I had hopes that this would help my girl and it still might but currently she’s still vomiting once a week. I think your company is amazing and believe the science behind it. I’ve done every test possible on her except an endoscopy and biopsy. Nothing really shows up in the tests so thought with her biome being out of balance I might see improvement by now. Not giving up but a bit disappointed it hasn’t helped yet. Keep up the good work. Many dogs probably do benefit from this treatment.