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We are beyond thrilled with the results. Our Rottweiler had an ear infection for over a year. Our vet kept doing a steriod/antibiotic ear pack and it would come right back. After doing the Gut restore, his ear has cleared up and he's a different dog. Happy & healthy, Thank you SO MUCH!

AnimalBiome: Gut Maintenance Plus +

Good probiotic

I feel like this has helped my Shiba Inu's stool for the most part. He's always been on a raw diet. The reason for the 4 stars is sometimes his stool was still soft or mushy but overall has been doing better. I will retest and do another round and hopefully this will reset his microbiome. I wished they did at least a monthly discount since it is very pricey. I'm willing to pay but would like a discount and the only time they do discounts is randomly. The customer service has been good and helpful.

Cat Owner

Our cat was a barn rescue and was a total mess. She was diagnosed with IBD (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) and was given steroids, diarrhea medications, veterinary prescription food, and probiotics. Nothing worked and we were told she would need to be on steroids the rest of her life, which if we were lucky would only be a few years. We contacted AnimalBiome and got Libby on the Gut Restore Supplement and their Pro-Biotics. Within 30 days her stool began to form into something other than very runny diarrhea. After 50 days she started to form normal shaped stools and now she has made a full recovery! Our vet was shocked and asked me for information about AnimalBiome, which I gladly gave. Libby is now a healthy normal weight cat. Maybe even a little on the chunky side with no more problems.
Thanks, AnimalBiome!!!!!

Trying to give it time

I had high hopes for these products but so far have not seen the hoped for improvement.

.Excellent customer support!


I’m a feline veterinarian and find these tests so impressive. The science is incredible. I’m a firm believer since discovering them. They have helped my personal kitten when nothing else would. Thank you!

Works great!!

This product really seems to help my dog and her constant diarrhea and IBD!!

Helpful and Informative for Every Pet Parent

Great information to help you understand your pet’s gut and oral microbiome. Caring and knowledgeable customer service. Clear instructions that help you collect samples and mail back to AnimalBiome in pre-addressed envelopes.


This product definitely works!

Might work well for most but no difference with our cat

I don't have any qualms with the Animal Biome - I'm assume it works well for most cats but we didn't see any difference with our cat. He's still not well, even after multiple vet visits and blood tests and this Animal Biome - he's still the same. I wish this did the trick to make him better.


I was very pleased with this company.

Easy and so much information

The results of this test provided so much information. The company has given so much feed back and recommendations as well. I highly recommend this test if your dog is having stomach issues.

Kitty Biome

My cat's chronic diahrrea was a bit improved and he seemed more full of pep after a month on the supplement.


Worked great so a lot more interest in eating ,and put weight back on,much more frisky! Now just waiting for the retest results

Animal Biome Gut Restore

I have used the Gut Restore product from Animal Biome for one month. Unfortunately I did not get the results that I would like as his stools are still soft. I have purchased another bottle of Gut Restore. I will attempt to balance the gut of my shepherd one more time then I will reassess after that. I found the team at Animal Biome very helpful if and when I had questions about administering the product. My dog's initial assessment was that his gut was out of balance but not to the extreme level - it was moderate. Fingers crossed this second bottle is what he needs to balance the gut.

Chronic butt leaker no more

We ordered this as a last ditch effort for a cat that we had tried everything for. This did the trick! Thank goodness, he is now adoptable!

Helped my 5 year old rescue kitty

About 6 months ago I fostered (then adopted) a large male cat who was underweight and malnourished. He suffered from gas and intermittent diarrhea. We got him up to a healthy weight and addressed other health concerns (deworming, flea preventives, dental work, sinus infection) along with providing probiotics. However, he continued to experience intermittent diarrhea. At this time, we did two things; eliminated any fish-containing foods from his diet and start a 30 day course of Gut Restore. We're about 6 weeks post-Gut Restore and seems his digestive system has stabilized. We haven't tried to add back any fish to see if a food intolerance was also in play, so I can't attribute the improvements solely to Gut Restore without that trial. However, I'm very pleased with the result and where we are now with this sweet kitty.

Wonderful Resource

Charlie is now Maintaining his progress with Gut Maintenance along with Turmeric and Saccharomyces, and his tummy is doing well.

Good to be Able to Have this Info

I have had great success with one of my two dogs on the Animal Biome Gut Restore product and have used their Gut Health Test twice. It’s very interesting info and I think info that’s good to have for a pet parent. My Sophie almost immediately one the Gut Restore, did better and has now turned into a foodie from a picky eater. My Anabelle is taking a bit longer but has made some improvements too. I would recommend to dog and cat parents who’s pets have gut issues to use this as a resource and a possible fix.

★★★ ★★

Works great!

Wow it works

My faithful English Setter got lyme disease and went on heavy antibiotics destroying is gut and causing soft to runny stools. Tried over the counter medications changed his food to Special diet. I gave him the pills used about a quarter of the bottle and he is on his regular food and stools are normal. Recommend

Beneficial test.

The test results were very thorough and informative. It allowed us to choose an effective course of treatment.

Highly recommend for chronic diarrhea

Beyond impressed with this product and the customer support. Used it for my kitten who has had chronic diarrhea since we got her. I am a veterinarian and tried just about everything else, tested for everything else I could before coming across Animal Biome. The Gut Restoration Supplement improved her stools within about a week. I fully intend to implement this with my patients that I feel would benefit from the oral fecal transplant. Thanks so much!

Unfortunately didn’t improve cats condition

Hi, the product was well packaged, and shipped to us appropriately. However it did not improve our cats condition, so we unfortunately had to try a different medication. So I cannot say I did not like the product, I really wish it would’ve worked with our cats condition.