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Gut Restore Works!

My dog went from 5 liquid poops a day to two formed poops a day after taking Gut Restore. I saw an improvement in her poops after a few doses! I have tried so many other products. None worked. My vet was even suggesting to put my dog on long term Flagyl. So happy I found this site and their products! Plus they have excellent customer service as I called or emailed them a few times. I highly recommend this product!

Test and supplement

Our dog was having frequent diarrhea. We tried different food, medication, probiotics, everything we could think of. Our Veterinarian recommended the Animal Biome gut test and supplement. We sent the test sample in for analysis and then began the supplement. Within a few days our dogs diarrhea issues were resolved. We were amazed at how thorough the test results were when we received them. We forwarded them to our Vet and we made dietary changes based on the report. Our dog has not had any issues since! We highly recommend the Animal Biome test to determine if your dog is getting all the nutrients he/she needs and the supplement!

This is a great product!

Our standard poodle was treated with far too many antibiotics at puppy stage, with many bouts of gastroenteritis which had us at the vets, with more antibiotics, and the cycle continued. Finally, about a year ago with a holistic vet she got a fecal transplant and improved mightily. About 7 months later we started our girl on these restore capsules to help the upper GI and the improvement was wonderful! Love this product!


Our little dog Frank has suffered from soggy poop for quite a while and has had to be on antibiotics for an overgrowth of bad bacteria in his gut. Our vet recommended the poo pills and Frank's poop has gotten firmer and he seems to not strain as much as he used to. Hoping for even more improvement.

DoggyBiome: Gut Health Test

KittyBiome: Gut Restore System with Gut Health Tests (60 Capsules)

Highly recommend!

The results were very insightful and I’m grateful for the phone chat explaining how I can apply what I learned to help my dog become healthier. I’ve since bought this for my cat as well and was very impressed. Thanks!

Test outperformed my veterinarians

I ordered the animal biome test after my sweet greyhound became deathly ill. He had been having difficulty swallowing food, and after having him see 3 “greyhound savvy” vets he was left malnourished, skeleton thin, and barely able to walk. We were told he probably had Myasthenia Gravis. I insisted that he was having tooth and back trouble, and gut issues from being given an antibiotic. Their recommendations were more antibiotics, an anti fungal, and expensive testing for neurological disease. The Animal Biome test revealed that the antibiotic had killed off all of his beneficial bacteria leaving him with a raging shigella infection. About the same time he developed an abscess from a back molar. The fecal transfer and some homeopathy put everything right in short order and he is now healthy and happy and running again.

Helped Charlie live longer and without pain

Customer Service

I had to call customer service to get extra help because my puppy has some special needs. We scheduled a call with someone to help. It was so nice to have someone talk through my concerns and help come up with a plan specifically for her.

No noticeable difference

Wish I could say there was some difference, but none that I can see.

Every part of the experience was easy

Very responsive with my questions, results came very easy to read

Great knowing what is going on...

It is so great that we can now access knowing what is going on in the gut. Our special needs guy had a few issues and this helps us keep track of biotia. The only down side is you will love it so much you will want to do it for all of your furkids! <3

comprehensive & easy to read

As above

Life saver

My wonderful vet decided we needed to try this after resistant Giardia in my 2 recently adopted kitties was still not cured after 2 rounds of traditional medications. 30 days later they have negative fecal tests and I can tell they feel better. Game changer for sure.

Resolved kitten diarrhea

One of my kittens had bouts of recurring diarrhea since we adopted her in July. She was treated for Giardia, but her test came back negative. I started her on the KittyBiome Gut Restore capsules three times a week, at first together with Metamucil. I additionally give her a capsule of Saccharomyces boulardii once a week. Her diarrhea problem has resolved, and her feces are normal at this time. So far, so good, and I hope she remains well after I stop giving her the capsules when I run out in two weeks. This would indicate that the bacteria have successfully colonized her gut.

Allergies Frenchie

My dog started itching after her last puppy shot and it continued for 6 years. Yeasts and mites and rashes. We used deep homeopathic treatment and acupunture and raw food as well as probiotic goat milk

Though it all helped within 1 week of the Animal biome pills things started to improve!

I am so thankful and so sad that vaccines are not being monitored for young creatures that have potinial to cause such suffering and messing up generations of animals

My darling dog now has a chance to complete her healing it is so wonderful!

Thank you so much team!!

I just finished the first 30 capsules as my dogs poops were increasingly too soft, so by only giving a pill 2X/wk it seemed to help. So the 30 pills have lasted 60days or more. Not sure if I'll continue with the next 30 or not... I'll see.

Really works!

My cat got explosive diarrhea after a course of antibiotics. After 30 days of the kittybiome he was back to normal stools. At the start of the treatment I emailed the company with a question. They were quick to respond and very helpful. I’m so glad I tried this and would definitely recommend.


I did purchase the test but I have not used it as of yet. My dog is doing better for now !


Just rescued a 2 year old Pointer. Had been fed HIGH carb kibble and extra rice as filler. Very, very thin. Through your test I discovered that a certain bacteria she was very low in was causing loss of weight due to the rice diet. With your invaluable information we will now be doing a fecal transplant. Thank you so much!

Gut Restore

Animal biome is the best. I'm so happy about the test and the results. I will recommend to everyone. Debbie Sullivan

Helpful test

I had no knowledge about the microbiome prior to taking this test for my dog’s gut health. I like how the results were very explanatory concerning every bacteria and I gained some insight into what could potentially be causing my dog’s issues. Fingers crossed that the recommended products help! Thank you!

It’s a miracle my dog is running again despite arthritis and a dramatic change in mood. He plays and smiles all the time! I cannot thank you enough 🥰

Love that you have specials too!!