Looking for that purrfect gift for the cat lover in your life who has everything?

Kitty microbiome assessments leverage the most recent science on cat health to help you learn about your cat's gut health. 

Cats in their natural state are carnivores and only eat meat. Today's modern cat foods are a far cry from this natural state. With a microbiome assessment, you can see how your cat's gut health compares to cats fed a raw diet and other healthy cats.

Join hundreds of cool cats who have had their microbes sequenced. 

“When my results came in, I was fascinated and pleased to see how diverse my raw fed cats' microbiomes were, especially compared to conventionally fed cats.” Connie, Blogger and KittyBiome customer

Want to learn about the microbiome and why it matters to the health of your cat? Click here.



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The Kitty Kit is a truly unique gift for the cat lover. 


Featured in Catster, Popular Science, Wired Magazine, and more.

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AnimalBiome is a startup company based in San Francisco that applies the latest insights from scientific research on the microbiome to give cats and dogs happier and longer lives. We provide microbiome assessments, diagnostics and therapeutics for companion animals.