Gut Maintenance Plus

Essential for every pet parent to have on hand for relieving occasional diarrhea. Unlike most diarrhea treatments, GMP contains a triple action formula that resolves diarrhea by cleaning, restoring and feeding the gut.


Gets Rid of Harmful E.Coli


Restores Microbiome Balance


Helps Good Bacteria Grow

Keep the essentials in hand.

$33.75 $45

A Powerful Blend of
Phages + Prebiotics + Probiotics

Contains the probiotic yeast S. boulardii, which has been shown to resolve diarrhea caused by antibiotics

Contains the prebiotic MOS, which activates the immune system, binds to pathogens, and feeds good bacteria

Contains and the phage PreForPro, which targets pathogenic strains of E. coli and C. dificille

Appropriately dosed for cats

One-year shelf life. Keep with your other kitty supplies.

Cat Parents Love GMP

Life Saver!

“Animalbiome was perfect... He has gained the weight he lost, fur is beautiful and his activity level is so much better. AnimalBiome is worth every penny. Plus customer service is kind, knowledgeable and helpful.

Verified Purchase: Michelle Umbarger

It definitely changed his microbiome for the better

"Easy to give to our cat. It definitely changed his microbiome for the better and his stool is more solid..."

Verified Purchase: Mary Devol

Has really helped my girl.

"She has been having reoccurring UTIs and on antibiotics. She really needs this."

Verified Purchase: Anonymous

$33.75 $45