Participate In Our Skin Supplement Study

We are looking for cats and dogs with itchy skin.

Thank you for your interest! Your participation in this research helps us develop innovative, science-backed solutions, so all cats and dogs can live longer, happier lives.


Study Overview

We are looking for pet parents who have cats or dogs with itchy skin and are willing to eat a daily supplement, in the form of a highly palatable soft treat. If you believe your pet is very picky with treats or supplements, this may not be the ideal study for your pet to participate in.


The study will involve giving your pet daily supplements for 42 days. You will complete a survey and take a fecal sample from your pet on Day 0, Day 21, and Day 42. No diet change is needed during the study, simply give daily treat-like supplements to your pet.

Participant Benefits

$100 Compensation

Receive $100 at the completion of the study.

Cat participants will receive an additional $100 KittyBiome gift card.

Complimentary Gut Test

Learn more about your pet's gut health with a free gut health test ($99 value).

Free Pet Treats

Free treats for your pet during the study.

Participant Responsibilities

Receive a study test kit with the chews that will be shipped to your door. At three time points during the study, fill out a brief survey and collect a fecal sample from your pet, and return it to us in a pre-paid mailer.

How does my cat or dog become a study participant?

Start by completing our cat or dog questionnaire form. It will take less than 15 minutes. We know your time is purr-ecious! You will receive an email from our Study Coordinator,, if your pet qualifies for our study.


All study participants must currently reside in the United States of America.


Please be careful to take the appropriate survey, as cat surveys and dog surveys are different.


This study is currently not accepting anymore participants at this current point in time.