Get Paid For Your Pet's Poop

We are looking for healthy cats and dogs in the Oakland East Bay Area to participate in our poop donation program.

Thank you for your interest! It may sound strange, but poop from healthy cats and dogs is being used to help sick pets. This is called a “fecal transplant,”and it is more than 80% effective at relieving symptoms like chronic diarrhea, vomiting, and itchy skin.

Based in Oakland and founded by researchers from UC Davis and UC Berkeley, AnimalBiome uses the latest microbiome science to improve the gut health of cats and dogs. Watch a customer story about Emmy the dog!

Why are we interested in healthy pet poop?

Healthy cats and dogs each have their own healthy community of beneficial bacteria that live in their gut. There are millions of viable live beneficial bacteria in healthy pet poop. When a pet is sick, they may lose important beneficial bacteria. Fecal transplants are effective because they restore the balance of beneficial bacteria to the gut. Learn more about the science here. 

We NEED more healthy poop donors, because there are more sick pets who need fecal transplants than our current donors can supply. Perhaps your pet can be one of them!


Don't think your pet will qualify to be a donor but still want to help further our scientific research? Click here to see if your pet will qualify for one of our research studies.  

Donor Benefits

In addition to helping sick cats and dogs, as the pet parent of an AnimalBiome Donor, you will receive:

$100 a month directly deposited via Paypal

Close monitoring of your pet's health with microbiome tests

Reimbursement for your pet's annual health exam

How our Healthy Donor Program Works (It's simple!)

  1. If you live in the Oakland East Bay Area, complete the questionnaire below.

  2. If your pet qualifies, we’ll send you a free Gut Health Test–a $125 value.
  3. Based on the test results, our team will determine if your pet is a suitable donor.
  4. If so, you’ll place daily donations in a small provided container, kept outside.
  5. We retrieve the donations daily, and at the end of each month, you get paid $100!

How Does My Pet Become a Donor?

Start by completing our simple questionnaire form. It will take 5-7 minutes. We know your time is purr-ecious! You will receive an email from if you pass our initial screening.