Does it feel like you have tried everything to help your cat's diarrhea?

Let's try using science to restore your cat’s gut.
AnimalBiome is built on a deep understanding of the gut microbiome and how it affects your cat's health.

If your cat is experiencing recurring diarrhea, they likely have an imbalance in their gut microbiome. AnimalBiome has developed a Gut Restoration Supplement to rebalance your cat's microbiome and restore their health.
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"The reason [Marigold] was scheduled to be euthanized was simply because of her really bad diarrhea… Within a week… her stools were back to normal and she was running around healthy and happy."
-Tracy G., California

It takes guts to be healthy.

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"The microbiome analysis from AnimalBiome provides valuable 'inside' information about what might be going on with your animal.... following the results of the first microbiome analysis, we also administered the FMT capsules, which did restore my pet's microbiome to what is acceptable to be "average" or 'normal'."
- Derya A., New Jersey

If your cat suffers from digestive issues, they could be missing key bacteria for a healthy gut, immune system, and weight.

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