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With PupJoy, you can treat your sensitive dog

Posted by Kari Goodman on

With PupJoy, you can treat your sensitive dog

Many dogs that use AnimalBiome products have food sensitivities and allergies that require very restricted diets. We know that their pet parents are incredibly committed to their dog’s health and are doing everything in their power to give them happy lives.

Without further ado, meet PupJoy -- a company that offers subscription boxes for dogs that contain treats, toys and chews, along with an e-commerce site. PupJoy stands out from its competitors because they are the most customizable service out there, allowing dog owners that are navigating difficult food sensitivities to select options that work for their pups.

I met the folks behind PupJoy when they and AnimalBiome were finalists for Purina’s Pet Care Innovation Prize this year. I got the chance to catch up with the company’s CEO, Dustin McAdams, to learn about how PupJoy works. Check out the interview below.


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