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Have an Anxious Pet? Anxiety & Dog-Cat Gut Health

Posted by Alex Martin on

Have an Anxious Pet? Anxiety & Dog-Cat Gut Health

Anxiety can be a part of life even for our dogs and cats. It's not all chasing tails, smelling catnip, and playing with toys. Our pets are as susceptible to anxiety as we are. When anxiety is ongoing and interferes with daily life, left untreated it can lead to behavioral and health problems. Things like incessant barking and destructive chewing in dogs, litter box avoidance and over-grooming in cats as well as health conditions like chronic digestive problems, depression, and more can sometimes be a result of untreated anxiety.

June 25th marks the beginning of Pet Anxiety Awareness Week. In this article, we’ll briefly explore how ongoing anxiety may affect dog and cat gut health.

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